Pioneer High School
will be taking individual pictures grades 7-11 on
September 22, 2021,
along with JH/HS Football, JH/HS Fastpitch, and JH/HS Cheerleader pictures.

Pleasant Vale Elementary
will be taking individual pictures grades pre-k through 6th on
September 21, 2021

We have a new vendor for pictures this year. The vendor is Strawbridge Studios Inc.

You will need to follow the instruction below to order your pictures.

Strawbridge Individual Picture

INSTRUCTIONS on how to order INDIVIDUAL student pictures.

The link to order student fall INDIVIDUAL pictures is below: In order to keep pictures secure, you need to sign up through the following link.

You can order your sports pictures online through their website

Click on Order Pictures and Yearbooks button and put in the online order code. The code can be found on the order form that will be sent home with your student. (it is located at the bottom left hand corner) You can pre-order with the form or wait until the pictures are ready and order online.

INSTRUCTIONS on how to order SPORTS pictures.

Order Sports Pictures