Pioneer Activities Statement and Regulations

The extracurricular activities and athletic programs of Pioneer High School include an athletic team, club activity, program, class office or group that represents our school district. These extracurricular programs are a valuable part of the educational program of our district. These programs, which teach many things in leadership, discipline, sacrifice, cooperation, dedication, and self-confidence, are among the most important products of a successful activities and athletics program. These programs are considered to be a privilege rather than a right for the participants involved, a principle that has been upheld in many court decisions. The participants are highly visible representatives of our school, the district, and our community. Because of these facts, coaches and sponsors are allowed to set more stringent codes of conduct, dress, and responsibilities for participants than are required in the regular academic setting.

Consequently, any student who is representing PHS in a school sponsored activity and exhibits any behavior that reflects negatively on the school, on school activities, or on the community, during any season, or during any school sponsored trip or activity, in town or out of town, could be denied the privilege of representing PHS for a specified period of time. The length of the non- participation would be determined by the individual coach or sponsor. However, under OSSAA rules, if a player leaves the bench area during an altercation, in any sport, whether he/she is involved in the altercation, will be suspended for the next two games.

School rules and regulations apply to all students attending, visiting, or participating in school functions on school grounds, in a school building owned by Pioneer-Pleasant Vale Schools, or at facilities rented or loaned to the school. The regulations also apply when PHS participates in the facilities of other schools, which include out-of-town games or activities.