2017 Bond Issue Update

It is my pleasure to update you on the progress of our school bond issue that our voters overwhelmingly approved at the beginning of 2017.  As you recall, the project was divided into three parts which included new construction and updating at Pleasant Vale Elementary, remodeling of the old locker-room area at Pioneer High School, and the addition of a new storm Shelter at Pioneer High School.  The storm shelter at Pleasant Vale Elementary will also be updated with new storm doors and fittings.

Our biggest project, the planned Early Childhood Wing, will take the longest to build.  Since passing the bond issue to dedicate funds for construction, the building and property have been under schematic design with several options being explored to allow our school to accommodate all of its needs.  It has also been a time to have all the site survey’s done such as water drainage and soil testing.  In early September the project will move into Design Development where a single plan is chosen and all the final aspects of design are set.  From there, Construction Documentation should begin sometime in October and run through the beginning of March.  Pricing should begin in Early March and end when contracts are signed and construction begins in April 2018.  Construction is scheduled to last 64 weeks.  The projected completion of the Pleasant Vale Project is July 2019.

The secondary campus project will move along much quicker because of the scope of work to be done.  Like Pleasant Vale, it is currently under Schematic Design.  It will move into Design Development in early August.  Construction Documentation will start earlier for this project in late September.  The Pricing Phase will begin in late November with contracts being signed in late December.  Construction will start in early January and the estimated time for completion will be July of 2018.  The safe room will be completed before spring 2018.

Although we wish we could make these improvements happen faster we understand there is a process we must follow.  There are so many requirements that go into building a public building in which students attend.  We are very excited about the future of Pioneer Pleasant Vale Schools and we believe that these bond issue improvements will help us achieve our goal of providing the best education we can for our students.

Once Schematic Design is completed and final plans are published we will have a preview of the plans for our constituents to view.  We really think you will be impressed.  Thanks again for all your support for Pioneer Pleasant Vale Schools!


Brent Koontz

Superintendent of Schools